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i am just me

i like

my favorites at the moment are:
spring breakers ( Harmony Korine)
drive (nicolas winding)
my son my son what have ye done (werner herzorg)
rabbits ( david lynch)
inter view (makino takashi)
bright future
green monsters
old boy
a cheonggyecheon dog

and ofcourse i have a total series fettish

my favorite at the moment is
haruki murakami
but i am allways looking for writers with a similar intensity

thats too much to name
it ranges from glass candy , gabe vega,teeth,yacht the whole kitsune stable ,john carpenters filmmusic.. but also MIA and little sister and ryhana .... john coltrane, Das racist,roots manuva...dorian concept...angel haze, zebra katz, mykki blanco,yespinkpink,diplo,chromatics,telepathe......

i just discovered that apparently i make video art , I work with digital but also 16 /8/35mm footage animation/collage/foundfootage/. Next to video's & films i create the occasional installation and performance .. it all depends what creative process i am in and what is needed to fulfill my hunger. i also play synth and try to use my voice but thats kinda rare
continuously accompanying this is my fascination & practise with/of movement /dance/performance... researching many different ways ... the styles/rhytms/approaches... ( body weather/pointe shoes/ballet/voguing/hiphop/contemporary/limon/gaga....)

hm well thats kinda an idea i guess
hope u enjoy watching my stuff

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