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born in france, raised in london, grew up in new york, I have now decided to move to the west coast for, not only the weather, but for the passion that I hold dearly: cinema.
growing in a multicultural environment led me to my different interests in life: art, music, photography, technology, literature, design, travel, sex, but most of all FILMMAKING.
over the years, I have enlarged my experience by working as an actor on the film "Flyboys" starring James Franco and Jean Reno, by working as an intern on Woody Allen's "to rome with love" and on Tom Hooper's "Les Miserables".
today, I try to express my own point of view with my own images...
I write, direct and produce...


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  1. Nyle Lynn commented on Yelo
    Wow! Excellent work by all of you!!! What a wonderful film. Pure art!