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Yes,, My name is Judy Parada, and I' was, at one time called, Judy Conus. , I A mother ,a grandmother. a sister. to now 10 bros and sisters. ,from twelve that we used to be. Two join my father in heaven, a while ago. and a good friend to those that, want to keep my friendship.My conversion to Orthodoxy ,very easy and, very important to get married by the church. , this happened back on the 80's. my great inspiration was a man that became my father in-law. and, his wife. that became my mother in-law. My father in -law. used to talk to me about God's beautiul mercy. , and he told me about soul salvation, ,about to love your enemies. ( which for me that, is still a question mark, AT that time I didn't have any church where to go,. It was until I met that one person, that became my husband. ,now my ex.... ..and so I'm an Orthodox Christian ,and, I love it

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