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Will Do the Dishes
“You make dinner, I’ll do the dishes”

I can’t cook, I try…sometimes. My successful recipes include toast, sometimes frozen pizza (sometimes It’s burnt on the bottom and the cheese is still frozen on top). My boyfriend loves to cook and can whip up something mouth wateringly delicious out of what we randomly have in the fridge (which never seems to include the vegetables I recently bought at the market), my best friend makes cooking look like a beautiful effortless piece of cake (ibbyandpop.com) and my oldest friend has recently decided to ditch the bars and our mid-week bitchfest to enroll in culinary school.

This usually leaves me begrudgingly offering to help…not that I don’t want to (I REALLY DO!) but offering my help usually consists of chopping vegetables. Uncertain of even how to cut some of them and the ones I know…”like in chunks? or like vertically??” this question usually gets a smile or an eye-roll. They inevitably have to stop doing what they’re doing to show me…which in the end doesn’t so much help them but, distract them and cause dinner preparation to take twice as long as they had intended. Those in my life (that have seen my cooking struggle) anticipate this, and now delightfully pull up a chair and very sweetly tell me that just keeping them company is helpful enough (I love my friends). However, living with someone I love so very much and never cooking isn’t exactly fair. I’ve done my best to redeem my food karma by offering to do the dishes while he cooks….and after a year or so I have done many…too many and his “I love cooking for you” doesn’t sound as warm and convincing as it used to.

At 31 I have made the decision to stop doing the dishes. I will attempt to make dinner (and not 1/2 frozen pizza). Really awesome homemade healthy dinners that will be as perfect and beautiful as those pictures you always see on those fancy recipe sites. Some may suck but some won’t (right?)!Cause all you need is practice. So I’ll practice…


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