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I have 2 nephews there names are Artie Boy and Tony Boy. I love the Wiggles. Big Fan Of Emma,Lachy,Simon,Anthony. Favorite Wiggly Dancer is Lauren. I have 3 dogs Champy:Chihuhahua Lady:Boxer Chico:Chihuahua/terrier Love watching Disney Movies and the Wiggles with my nephews BigSportsFan Warriors,Raiders,A's Love watching HardCorePawn, HardCorePawn Chicago,SouthBeachTow,LizardLickTowing


  1. PSM Tickling Network
  2. lol
  3. Chad Warnes
  4. Axel by Hadashi
  5. Xander Beckett
  6. Aiden B.
  7. The Wiggles Pty Ltd

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