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Nathaniel Kramer is an editor, videographer, writer and educator. He completed his studies at CU-Boulder in 2010 with a BS in Broadcast Production, and a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media. Nat is an avid reader, music and film aficionado, and enjoys cycling, cooking, and games of strategy and imagination. Working for several years as the host of KVCU Radio 1190's weekday morning show The Rude Awakening, he still occasionally hosts KGNU's Afternoon Sound Alternative. Recently he acted as editor and music director for the documentary film "Heart of Gold Hill," produced by Lickskillet Films, taught the video course at the Dawson Summer Initiative, and has begun shooting material surrounding the new Longmont hacker space, Tinkermill. Projects involving the venerable bands Princess Music and Paper Bird are also in post-production. Nat lives and works in lovely, sunny Boulder, Colorado.


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