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  1. Dear Mark, Please send me your email address, I will send you my pictures as promised.
  2. Thank you very much I appreciate it, It will be a 3 or 4 months project before it gets actually to the cars, of course I will send you images and video.
  3. I saw your video, and the first thing I thought was to share it with my wife. Thank you. I live in Mexico and I want to start a project of video screens on Taxis and I would like to put your video there. I want to do it in the most legal and friendly…
  4. Gilberto Meza commented on STRANDED
    Thank you for your video it is too much fun. I have a question. I am starting a project to put some video in Taxi cabs in Mexico, I am trying to get content for this, is it OK to include your video on it? or in that case should I pay any license?…