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Port Hueneme, CA

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Screenwriter. Movie lover. Sucker for a happy ending. Happy to be alive. Love my family. Family-friendly movie and TV scripts.

Writing "Sparkle & C.R.E.W" TV sitcom with my writing partner, Heather Alexander
Dramedy script, "Doctor Davis", a quarter-finalist in the Page Awards.
Screenwriting Certificate from the Gotham Writer’s Workshop program.
Alumni of ScreenwritingU Pro Series 22.
Active member of the Dallas Screenwriters Association for five years.
Currently working with an award-winning writer/director on an original webseries (drama) First draft of the entire first season is now complete (13 episodes)

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  1. Pat Mikulec commented on Scrubbed
    Very nice. I loved the story as well as the look and feel of the film itself. Good luck!
  2. Thanks, Heather. Wasn't this a fun project!