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  1. sarah boigny commented on Obesity
    Repost from Wenson Aytona obesity in united states is always been a problem.because of freedom choice, for example there's alot of fast food chain restaurant ,as long as the advertising of 99 cents value meal people never think twice because it's…
  2. sarah boigny commented on Obesity
    second part of Benoit Morvan The document specify that for the first time there are more obese than malnourished person in the world do you imagine what it is ? Fast food and urban lifestyle took over the world and what was consider convenient at…
  3. sarah boigny commented on Obesity
    Repost from Benoit Morvan Benoit Morvan 9:59 AM (8 minutes ago) to me It is interesting to even think that Obesity as such impact. I mean we see it now also in Ivory Coast among children more particularly, but from where I am from, It not even…
  4. sarah boigny commented on Obesity
    Repost from Hannah Phang I support the large soda ban. I understand people think it is taking away their freedom to make choices for themselves but their choices are causing a lot of issues for themselves and for others. I think people are making…
  5. jessica Declerck commented on Obesity
    What this Mc Donald's manager is saying is really relevant for your project. People don't care and that is the problem I live in France but I grew up in a developing country and growing it obesity had never been an issue and we were doing a lot…