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Khartoum , Sudan

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Music is my life ♫ I'm Rapper & Skilled at Music Production‎.
Studied Mechanical Engineering at Sudan University of Science and Technology.
Lazem T3ref eno ana 7or this's my Facebook, I post what I wont.
listen Girls u can chat with me
holla at me but 4 Sure u can't having Me that easy . . .catch me If u Want Me...
I complain about most things about me - nice, fresh, cool, great, Show-of.
I go out to have fun, and flirt with girls hahah .
I'm showof enough to make you look twice, Cool enough 4 U,
I get upset over things that shouldn't upset me.
I can take a joke, but only to a certain extent.
I get moody and annoy people.
I like you if you like me back.
I hate fake ppl, I luv making new frndz bt still love ma old
I get dirty minded lideen so yeah make things clear :p sumtyms i be avid am stubborn person so dnt dare meh at sumthin cuz surly ill win
I didnt found ma saulmate yet i wont open ma heart to whoeva wanna play so Girls stepback
I dnt trust ppl cuz i've been stabbed in ma back many tyms.
I crazy Just wd ma friends, but not too wild. I'm The kinda boy that will make you smile.
I'm That boy that will drive u crazy
Don't do this for me, ignore me for so long, then you start talking to me like nothing happened .
Asm3o klami da dses, Okay !!
# Ana ma b5$ lii zool fi deno:D ↯
♂ lakin alb5$ fi deni b6l3 ⇨deno ☜

I'm sorry that I am not "Perfect" for you.
But honestly, I don't care what you think about me...
Any way i just want 2 Say
(( P.E.A.C.E )) 4 every One in F.B ..
I Forget Tell u...DoN't Disturb...!!! ",)


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