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  1. Yes the 2nd version of the Mk1is certainly a well made kite. Thanks for the feedback on all 3 versions of the kite. I think I had mine set on the side setting - I have not checked since last season. The season is just starting here in the UK - for…
  2. It came with the MK11 bar - the bar with the chicken and safety lines going through the plastic tube.
  3. I think its the mk1but with the black or orange logo as opposed to the first green logos. later in 2011 they came out with the mk11.
  4. I was wondering if there is much difference between the spring 2011 version of the religion and the 2013 version. Are there any tuning tips or tweaks for the 2011 religion 10m that you recommend. My 10m is in good condition so I want to carry on…
  5. Eddie Lay commented on Maquina K-Pro
    Thanks for the detailed reply on the leash - I have rigged a leash that will disconnect if its gets a really forceful tug - so I am going to try that. I just want it to save me from too much swimming during normal riding outside waves. I will continue…
  6. Eddie Lay commented on Maquina K-Pro
    Great video - Just wondered if you have any tips on using a leash with the surf board. Does it get in the way of foot transitions, how long would you recommend the leash to be and how to avoid any recoil when you mess up a transition. Also I have…