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Mateo Arquitectura continues to work in Spain and also increasingly in the rest of Europe. In each of its projects, it seeks to connect the activity of construction (with particular emphasis on all the pragmatic aspects of the profession) with research and development in both intellectual and programmatic aspects. It works in the area between the sphere of ideas and the physical world of reality.

The practice has recently completed work on the Barcelona International Convention Centre (First Prize, international public competition); a 5-star hotel and office block for the Forum 2004, in Barcelona; the new head office of the Bundesbank in Chemnitz, Germany (First Prize, international public competition); the Sant Jordi Hall of Residence for the University of Barcelona (First Prize, national public competition); a new branch image and layout for BancSabadell in Spain and the bank’s historical head office in Sabadell (First Prize, invited competition), and the Largo da Devesa park in Castelo Branco (Portugal).

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