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Cairo , Egypt

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Heyy ..i'm Basma Sherif better known for Boshkash ...i'm 21 Coldplayer Alien :D:D.i LOVE :-having fun and enjoying my time doing crazy stufff , Chris Martin, Coldplay, singing, drawing, coloring and hanggin out with friends.i believe that life is too short so you better live like u're dying...seeing Chris Martin is my biggest dream once it happens i won't ask for any other thing

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  1. damnnnn i would do anything to be able to play with my both hands :(( i can do so well with the right one but when it comes to the left i think it's something mental i just can't play both of them together :D but i loved your cover it's awesome =)))
  2. greaaat work really i draw all the face but the eyes is what i can't do :D