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  1. Maybe next update will help Siri leave more than random answers.
  2. You would never imagine how good a person I am. Still, I would like to know who the original authours behind the background paintings are. I would be so easy to add their names to the video description. But why bother since they´re free to use?
  3. The only thing I like are the classical paintings in the background. Could you please give us the names of their authors? Thank you.
  4. Rita La Pollera commented on We Wander
    Lo más interesante es que te dan ganas de revisionar "Rubber Johnny". Un saludo.
  5. Rita La Pollera commented on We Wander
    Me encantaron los títulos de crédito de EVA. Una maravilla que he utilizado en muchas ocasiones como referencia. Esto que acabo de ver, NO. Buena cinematografía y poco más.
  6. The Sagrada Familia completed in 3D. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcDmloG3tXU
  7. Woooow, my comment has been erased, just because I said the truth. At least you got to read it, which was the goal. and it was the truth from start to finish. Wish you mediocre dreams tonight!
  8. Incredible mediocrity and opportunism! Hope you never get to release it. Don´t you really have any original idea to offer? Sad.