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What is the difference between this dating website and other dating site? This dating site is the only Leadership supervised Jewish dating site on the internet.

We believe in the value of everlasting marriages. Users can search for their bashert using a multitude of criteria and we offer a number of secure communication methods to ensure that potential matches can meet each other as safely and easily as possible.

Our practice is built on the same values that have driven shadchanim (match makers) for years. Potential matches are organized based on religious beliefs and long term goals. We also encourage the use of references to ensure that each person lives up to their online profile.

We've taken the classic online dating website and added a Torah twist. Our Messianic Jewish dating site is geared specifically for the Torah believing dating, which ensures that all our users are of a similar mindset. In addition, the criteria we use and the questions we ask were created with Messianic Jewish singles in mind, to help them discover the person that shares their life goals.

Our method will ensure that Messianic Jewish singles will find kosher (proper) mates: Mates that suite their own level of commitment to HaShem, Messianic Judaism and Torah. This process has been in place for thousands of years within the Jewish community and has withstood the test of time.

Sign up today to discover a unique approach to frum dating that combines old world wisdom and values with modern technology and convenience!

Consult with your Messianic Leader and ask him to sign up tp this site now - JOIN!

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