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Mom of 3 AWESOME and talented boys: Greg who is 21, Will who is 17, and Brody who is 12.
Greg & Will are artists. All 3 have played soccer. Greg played the cello and Will and Brody played the violin.
All 3 have attended the Academy for Academics and Art (AAA) K-8 Magnet School where Greg was in the Academy "Stars and Clowns" in 6-8th grades (as a clown in 6th, Star in 7-8th), and William and Brody were both only Clowns in 6th grade.

Greg and Will are experienced world travelers.

Greg has been to CA / NV, NYC, England and France, and to China twice. He loves China and the people and plans to move to Taizhou University in Linhai, Zhejiang Province, China ca July 2014 to teach English at Taizhou University. (He's already been offered the job!).

Will has been on one educational European trip to England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Wales, and Ireland.

So, most, if not all, of my videos will be of these wonderful kids and most of my photos will be their artwork & / or them.


  1. Joukowsky Institute