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  2. 23:19

    Business Video Samples

    by Ashley Media

    5 Videos

    Marketing, Promotional and Instructional videos for businesses

  3. 26:42

    Sandy & Bart

    by Ashley Media

    0 Videos

  4. 49:58

    Halopoff COL

    by Ashley Media

    5 Videos

  5. 11:13

    Music Videos

    by Ashley Media

    3 Videos

    Music Videos produced by Ashley Media Productions

  6. 05:12


    by Ashley Media

    4 Videos

  7. 14:40

    Christmas Cards

    by Ashley Media

    4 Videos

    A collection of current and past Ashley Productions, The Emotion Picture Studio, Christmas Cards.

  8. 01:50:45

    Wedding Video Samples

    by Ashley Media

    21 Videos

    Wedding Videography samples

  9. 03:16:13

    Real iDOcam wedding videos

    by Ashley Media

    6 Videos

    Real iDOcam wedding videos.

  10. 01:03:57

    Photo Montage Examples

    by Ashley Media

    8 Videos

    Examples of slideshows and photo montages. We have many Options, Styles and Transitions, not all of which can be shown here.

  11. 28:41

    Women 2.0

    by Ashley Media

    7 Videos

  12. 06:14

    Ritz Carlton - Room Design

    by Ashley Media

    4 Videos

    video of room set-ups for Ritz Carlton Dana Point

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