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"If you cant get a Dre beat, get a Tre beat!!!"

While growing up in the streets of Los Angeles, California in the early 80’s TreBeatz never knew that he would one day have an opportunity to make music that would alert and influence the world.

In 2006, TreBeatz was introduced to the world of production while working as a Barber at Crenshaw District’s hottest barber shop, New Millennium. His craftsmanship in barbering got him into the studio cutting hair where he observed the production skills of Kanye West. It was then he witnessed the ingredients necessary in crafting a certified hit! Intrigued and inspired by the creative genius of his influences such as: Dr. Dre; Timbaland; DJ Premier; Scott Storch; JR Rotem; Just Blaze; and Kanye West he began to frequent stores such as the Guitar Center to learn everything he could about creating music. Tre began to take advantage of each studio session by mastering the various tools of production. With absolutely no musical background or training, he purchased a MPC 2000XL and began to teach himself how to use the equipment. It was during this process he discovered he not only had a natural ear for the music patterns but a PASSION! TreBeatz often compares the beat making process to mastering a new video game as “a fun and exciting challenge”.

Skilled barber by trade, TreBeatz traded in the clippers for keyboards and hasn’t looked back since. As Tre developed his skills and acquired more equipment, word spread on his production ability. In 2007, opportunity knocked on the door when he was introduced to Dougie Dee (Black Wall Street). Dougie Dee played a pivotal role in Tre’s decision to progress his production talent. Dougie Dee then introduced him to management of The Game. After a year of kicking it with The Game and no intentions of mentioning he produced beats, word got out that The Game would be retiring from hip hop after his 3rd album. Tre found this as an opportunity to inform The Game that he composed beats and left a CD of original tracks. Months after giving the CD to The Game, Tre was invited to the studio which eventually unlocked the doors to the entertainment industry. After recording a few tracks with the west coast rapper, Tre asked what The Game thought of the songs they had recorded. Game, impressed with Tre’s hard work, responded back by signing him to Black Wall Street as a music producer. This only aided him in landing a spot on The Game’s highly anticipated junior album ‘L.A.X’.

With only two years in the game TreBeatz has collaborated with some of hip-hop’s most recognizable talent: The Game; Busta Rhymes; Murder Inc., Nas, as well as Clyde Carson, and Menace. When he’s not on tour with his Black Wall Street family you can find him somewhere honing his craft, patiently waiting for his queue to take hip-hop to another echelon. With hard work and determination TreBeatz strategy is to become the next elite super producer/mogul in the music industry.

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