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A very empathetic person who had such great loss to look at her faults and weaknesses and ended up having everyone leave me even my kids betrayal and multiple trauma...we are what we do its sad yet a humbling experience..i No longer want things in the physical form but to show care and do what I do best talk!! mosly about my mistakes...i have a soft heart to ptsd veterans and children(I am one).Addictions are a soft sot since half my family have them...I myself have adhd and was on klonapin and want people to know when there is a fine line of taking meds responsibly and getting high is...theres so much issues and we all turn away from the ugly..its time to look ugly in the eye and have compassion,


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  1. melinda commented on Out of Adderall
    omg thats my mind off of adderall...I sleep for days and get severely confused and scattered..That is a horrible drug to come off of when on it for years..
  2. I agree with all of them...This drug takes your soul in a way...Glad im off that drug