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  1. when i write (WS : ' ' + ($channel = HIDDEN;);) at 5:45 and save......., it shows the error""a(100): syntax error: antlr: unexpected token: $"" how can i fix this, my whole grammar is ""grammar XL; options { language = Java; } @header { …
  2. When i save this at 3:15 it is not producing the com.javadude.antlr3x.tutorial ,it remains the same (XLParser is directly in the antlr-generated folder)..., while setting up the project i was also facing the same problem..., if any one can help please…
  3. When i tried to write '@header { package a.b.c; } @lexer::header { package a.b.c; } ' it generates the parser directly not the package a.b.c........? can anyone tell me how can i fix this