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Film Courage was launched from the studios of LA Talk Radio in Studio City, California on April 12, 2009. Each Sunday David and Karen explore their guests’ varied (but always colorful) backgrounds such as having a support system while growing up, odd jobs they’ve endured to pay the bills, and if a project has made money. Film Courage has taken on a life of its own. David and Karen now receive daily e-mails from people wanting to come on the show and talk about their experiences. Listeners respond to archived shows, explaining how they feel inspired. Being an “indie” anything is a tough road, mostly because it’s done alone and with little encouragement. Film Courage is a place where other indie pioneers join together, talk about their work and applaud other artists. People are hungry for this community.

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    A startling look at where social media could be heading. We applaud you for your visionary storytelling and execution. We are featuring it on our website and just shared it on our Facebook page.