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  1. 51° South

    51° South Plus Chicago, US / Stanley, FK


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    51º South is a series of untold stories of the Falkland people. June 2012 marked the 30th Anniversary of the war. And while the attention of others will focus on the events of the past, our stories offer the exceptional opportunity to finally capture the experiences, hardships, and diversity of…

  2. Brian Van Peski

    Brian Van Peski Portland, OR


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    I'm a videographer and editor with a passion for documentary film.

  3. The Film Artist

    The Film Artist Plus the world is my home


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    Proud to be part of the world’s largest and best creative network, Vimeo, free and unbound to release my creativity and become an award winning filmmaker. http://instagram.com/thefilmartist/ twitter.com/thefilmartist facebook.com/thefilmartistHD www.thefilmartist.blogspot.com 'The…

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