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  1. Yaaaaaa! Bravo!
  2. Olga Malova commented on Green Peppers
    beautiful camera work defining wonderful animations.
  3. Rabidly erotic. Nicole - WoW! - Again, NicoleX starts off with a bang and outdoes hersef with each change of scene - each slowly revealing twist. Dynamic, Erotic, Sensual, and Emotional. Bravo - NicoleX!
  4. Olga Malova commented on Hot Bath .25c
    I have seen Nicole's work before - so - i was expecting what i saw - the evolution of her movie. Even knowing what was likely to happen - I still felt my breath leave as she executed her craft on me again. Nice work - Again - NicoleX!
  5. Olga Malova commented on Fogbound
    Grinnin' like a Cheshire cat with dis one true NicoleX. a good bit of VooDoo Delta Blues in the bayou's dat's what you do Good on you, NicoleX true