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The Digital Media Centre (DMC) is a multidisciplinary group which focuses on research and commercial projects in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The DMC is based in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Aungier Street and is part of the College of Arts and Tourism.

The DMC’s current focus is on projects in the following areas; culture & heritage, language learning, multimedia interaction, spatially aware computing, digital heritage and machine learning. The Centre places itself at the cutting-edge of innovation technologies, and is constantly striving to improve whilst focusing on emerging technologies.

The DMC positions itself as a problem-solver in the field of ICT to the private and public sector, offering consultancy, expertise and innovation.


  1. Dermot F Campbell
  2. mickey smith
  3. D J Clark
  4. cormac farrell
  5. Iris Inbar
  6. emilio arteaga