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The name's Amber Harrison :)
I'm a writer, musician, and lover not a fighter.
I play clarinet, harmonica, and guitar.
I love music. Who doesn't? I'm a HUGE Beatlemaniac (of course) and I listen to lots of classic rock. I also love thenewno2, Oasis, All Time Low, Taylor Swift, and MANY others.
I'm what most people call a hippie, because I dress like the 60's, have long blonde hair and listen to the Beatles and the Monkees all the time.
I might upload some videos eventually, once I get my band together and ready. We're still in the process of finding a drummer and bassist. But that just means more time to practice guitar, right?
RIP George Harrison, you are missed!

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  • Polyvore - Where the hippie magic happens
  • Blog - Where you can keep up with me!
  • Quotev - Where to find my FAB stories. Check out my Beatles fan fiction ;)


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  1. Such a great video! You seem really nice c: