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Dates: from March 2009 to this day

Occupation or position held: Owner and manager at “AVK ltd”

Main activities and responsibilities: The company provides a wide array of photographic and video services, including high quality product photography, model photo sessions, retouching of digital images, high definition video and video editing, film and commercial production.

Name and address of employer: AVK ltd, 19 Dobar Yunak, 1421, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Type of business or sector: photographic and video services


Dates: From September 2003 to June 2008

Title of qualification awarded: director of photography

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:
- Photography and photographic process
- Cinematography and cinematic techniques
- Video technologies
- Directing
- Editing
- History of fine art (painting)
- Aesthetics
- Drawing
- Film production

Name and type of organization providing education and training: VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov)

Level in national or international classification: Level 7

Dates: From September 1998 to May 2003

Name and type of organization providing education and training: ACS (American College of Sofia)

Level in national or international classification: Level 3


Mother tongue(s): Russian
Other language(s): English, Spanish, Bulgarian.

Organizational skills and competences:
- Sense of organization (experience in movie and TV commercial production)
- Experience in project management (completed advertisement projects for television, internet and web based stores)
Acquired through work and managing of “AVK ltd”.

Technical skills and competences:
- Complete knowledge of the photographic process
- Complete knowledge of the cinematographic process
- Excellent knowledge of any photographic, cinematographic and video equipment
- Excellent knowledge of the photography printing process
Acquired in the university and mastered through working experience.


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