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My name is Perrylayne,

Film making has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Telling stories and capturing the realness of people and life is what I love to do.

My background includes coordinating media projects for local businesses and non-profit organizations and extensive volunteering.

I carry outstanding recommendations from my clients and coworkers for going above and beyond on every project, and am known for my ambitious work ethic, reliability, and professionalism. With 5+ years experience as an independent shooter/editor I would be an excellent choice to help you tell your story. You can check out some of my recent work right here! I love to collaborate and love to barter! Shoot me an email and let’s work together.

I won first prize for a film I made down in Guatemala for Semilla Nueva, an NGO providing sustainable agricultural techniques to help farmers in poverty.

I work for SLUG Magazine as a videographer in SLC UTAH and teach yoga at Centered City Yoga. 9th and 9th

Instagram: Perrylayne

Keep it real and keep it colorful


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