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  1. And Brizzly is also gone. Interesting. Jolie should review all of the startups she interviewed during her stint at RWB and see how many of them are actually still in existence.
  2. And Jam Legend is no more! Interesting....
  3. So who created this app? Can I contact this person? Where can I find it or download it? Did Michal create it?
  4. Whether Krauss' intellectual positions are more right than Craig's are not so hard to determine. Where's the evidence for god? No where. Where's the evidence for science? Every where.
  5. Poor Krauss. I feel like he's wasting his time debating the likes of Craig and other religious folk. People who believe in God choose to worship ignorance. Krauss did answer answer the question, has science buried God? He conclusively showed that…
  6. The only problem I have with this documentary is what needs to be done to prevent these viruses from happening in the first place! This is really an expose on crappy fish farms! We need an entire documentary devoted not just to the Canadian government'