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Love can be cruel, and cheating hearts the cruelest card of all. When friends Matt & Sarah saw their partners leave them – for each other – they could either fall apart or form a band. Thus Bang Bangs was born.

Two years on and two become four, locked together in a maelstrom union, and memories of deceitful lovers still hang heavy. With their boy/girl line up and three-minute wonders of melody, feedback and fuzz, it’s easy to draw comparisons to the Pixies. But these are no sound-a-like, copy-cat revivalists. The furious energy and boy/girl vocal exchanges of Bang Bangs make them a thrillingly original experience.

“Once in a while something extraordinary comes from nowhere and restores your faith in real music. Bang Bangs- a boy, a girl, a bass, a drum- sounds simple, but this is special; dark; angry, but with melody for the masses if only they see the light. We did.” Buzz Music Review

“When the… haunting qualities and shifting discomfort burst into nascent and horribly electric life, it’s a rush that encompasses all that’s great about music as a whole. Female and male vocals thread through each other and songs are anthemic without sounding calculated. Result.” Play Music

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