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skateboarding, lacrosse, and random crazy videos.

Im a 7th grader in Atlanta, GA. I love being with my friends and having a good time. i love snow. i love skateboarding, lacrosse, running, filming, GOD, family, and MUSIC.

My youtube is
Check me out there i have some random videos there because im figuring out how to upload here. Media browser on Imovie sucks. haha

I'm currently in the process of making some legit skate videos with my friends. I have slacked off because of school and lacrosse practice, games, etc.... but now i am out of school until August 25 sooo i have a lot of time to film and edit videos. Im going to florida for 2 weeks on thursday so i will get alot of footage there. hang tight and add me a contact. i like making friends lol.


  1. James Harris

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