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I make films that seem spun from dreams. As an award winning independent South Asian filmmaker, I have established a body of creative work that fluidly straddles genres, occupying a fertile landscape of cultural poetics, experimentalism, documentary and hybrid narrative. Tactile and dreamlike, my work explores storytelling, memory, desire, spirituality and cultural identities. My films have shown in several festivals and solo shows. Current projects include a series of experimental documentaries about spirituality, moments of being and Stories about Mindfulness.

In addition to being an award winning filmmaker, I am a creative media catalyst with over 14 years of experience using media, technology and documentary storytelling to connect diverse audiences with positive social change and the arts. My expertise translates across a broad spectrum and I am well versed in multiple aspects of project management, new media outreach campaigns, filmmaking and multimedia production. With me you will find top quality work, sincerity, and vision that sometimes moves at the speed of light and laughter.

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  1. I'm making up a title for this called "ode to a writer". It reminds me of the nights I spent writing poems on napkins in bars. One of these nights (87) I ended up at a party filled with Brazilians, Indians, and us few American's. I met one of my…
  2. "May love always guide us." Amen to that! Watching this film allowed me to experience exactly the walls that are causing me so much pain in these recent 48 hours. My inner "rule maker" put up some walls I can now begin to dissolve. - Gandhi, Martin...,…