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MA design, skateboarding, graffiti, tattoos, Toys (LEGO), and anything that makes it to my book of cool! YO!

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  • mrkimo74 - tumblr blogg about all the cool stuff from the web that makes into my book of cool


  1. Den Danske Filmskole
  2. Ronni Kjærside
  3. Ricki Bedenbaugh
  4. Doin' It In The Park
  5. Tabu Records
  6. Slam City Skates
  7. Ironlak
  8. Marcus Kuhn
  9. Montana Colors
  10. adnauseum
  11. I Love Graffiti
  12. Emerica
  13. Jason Hernandez
  14. martin Fun´kimate
  15. Magenta Skateboards
  16. Hot Dogs Cold Beer
  17. Juse One
  18. RamoiCamo

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