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I live in Lisbon, work in the suburbs in a book publishing house and I do copyediting, proofreader, write texts and translate.

I live in a tiny apartment under the roof and near the sky.

I am a loner. And a pennyless woman.

I love the Internet.


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  1. Gisela Moniz commented on I ACCUSE
    Excellent work, indeed Nacho But i agree with Lightweaver Productions «sometime less is more» and this why Xyo says «need more power», i think. I guess the sense of balance will come with time and exerience. Keep working.
  2. Gisela Moniz commented on GATOS
    Me gusta este filme por su riqueza humana (tan fuerte que dispensaría cualquier efecto especial) y al cual me identifico por mis raíces hispánicas. Canción belíssima. Y a mí me gustan los gatos también... Katia