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BIAPAL asbl is a non profit organization. It is dedicated to sharing knowledge and love of art and beauty. We co-organize high level lectures in art during antiques and fine art fairs (BRAFA Art Talks, Asian Art in Brussels, Brussels Ancient Art Fair...), talk with museum curators, experts and art lovers about their life and passion, film it and share it on the web. We believe that art and love of beauty are our common heritage and should be shared freely with everybody, connoisseur or amateur, old and young alike, wherever they are and whichever culture they belong to.

From the island of New Ireland, the sandy landscapes of Egypt, the mountains of Tibet, the palaces of Beijing, Institutions like Hermitage, the Louvre or iconic temples of modernity like MOMA, art tells the fascinating story of mankind with all its emotion, talent and differences. We love art and as culture freaks, we love to learn and to share the results of this infinite, eternal and highly enjoyable quest for beauty and knowledge.

We have also produced videos of great objects for art dealers in order to help us to continue our mission of sharing free lectures/film production about art .

All videos on this channel were done by us.

Stay tuned, more to come soon...

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