Andrea Garcia

Redwood City, CA

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After working in TV and Radio for almost a decade, I discovered that life had other plans for me. I quickly traded the ‘ritz and glam’ for a bedazzled hot glue gun.

Growing up with a mother much like Martha Stewart, I was exposed to the world of arts & crafts from an early age. Weekly visits to Michael’s created a notion that feeding one’s creativity was a key component in life.

I would carry this value into adulthood, as I continued to make things I liked for myself, but couldn’t necessarily afford.

After an overwhelming support on Instagram for my “DO IT YOURSELF” projects, I decided to launch Fancy Made, my very own DIY/fashion blog, and jewelry store.

Fancy Made is based on the belief that all things can be created with exceptional appeal. After all, there is an elegance in taking an idea and bringing it into life.

So fancy along and create! You won’t regret it.

xoxo – Drea

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