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My name is Reynaldo Reyes I come from a religious family of eight siblings. I am the only one out of my brothers and sisters who was born seven months premature but I was born with a very special talent since a child. I was born in Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y. I was also raised in the five boroughs in New York City. On April 5, 1964 I was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church St. Augustine R.C.

I do a lot of freelance writing and artwork for a living besides that I love going to the library and doing a lot of research on authors, politicians, celebrities, and kings and queens in England, etc. I also love to watch documentary films and lots of Discovery channel and Nova. I just finished producing my movie Portal to Hell on May 2013.

I am also an author, professional artist, actor, sculpturing, sketching, airbrushing. I love to work out, mountain climbing, swimming, snow skiing, mix martial arts, boxing, the art of healing by the power of prayer, yoga, ballroom dancing, ice skating, photography, sailing, computer programming, art graphics, producer in docudrama horror films, screenwriter, typing , drummer, driving, supernatural ghost short stories or articles, and dancing salsa.


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