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Masud Rana Mohammad Hafiz,
Supreme Court of Bangladesh

An Efficient position encompassing proven skills in advocate ship, client relationship, convincing and leadership with a comprehensive focus & emphasis on improved in civil, criminal, writ petition, company matters, Banking, Education management, property intellectual property, constitutional, service, admiralty, joint venture, taxes and customs, financial dispute, arbitration, counseling and mediation.

Career profiles :
A good result oriented client services professional with expensive experience in the client relations and conducted huge number of cases and skills include through and the ability to convey all pertinent facts before the courts of law. A conscientious individual with strong work ethic and ability to interface with others at all levels. Detail oriented, possesses strong analytical skills, used in effective decision-making. Able to work independently and within fast paced environments.

Areas of Expertise
i) Client Services. ii) Facts finding iii) Counseling
iv) Team Building v) Negotiation vi) Goal Setting
vii) Managing Time and Resources viii) Mediation and Arbitration
ix) Problem Resolution, x) Expert in Education management and Banking. Drafting of any case, plaint, written statement, complaint, petitions of any pleading and argument in any case to proceed before any court, tribunal, judicial or quasi-judicial, district courts including the highest judiciary of the country.
Pane Lawyer:
Bangladesh Bank, central Bank of the Government
January 2006 – Present (7 years 5 months) Motijheel, Dhaka.
To give legal advice or opinion in any matter
to plead before any court on behalf of Bangladesh Bank in any litigation from the lower judiciary to highest judiciary in Bangladesh
Panel Lawyer, Jibon Bima Corporation, the only state owned Insurance Corporate body of Bangladesh.
To give legal consultancy and proceed on behalf of the corporation before any court of law from lower judiciary to highest judiciary of Bangladesh
Ex-Legal Advisor:
Bangldaesh Madrasah Education Board
June 2004 – Present (9 years)
as a Law Consultant
Head of Chamber
Hafiz & Associates (law)
April 2004 – Present (9 years 2 months)
Head of Cbamber
Law Consultant,
M/s. Deep Textile Mills Ltd., Dautia, Kalampur, Dhamrai, Dhaka.
January 2004 – Present (9 years 5 months)
To give legal solutions for any disputes regarding corporate management.
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh
October 1995 – Present (17 years 8 months)
Hafiz & Associates ( Law)
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangldesh & Head of Chamber:
Hafiz & Associates (ICT-Internet, Computer and Technology )
October 1995 – Present (17 years 8 months)
Address: 34/35/E, Umesh Dutta Road, Bokshibazar, Chawkbazar, Posta, Dhaka, Mobile No. +8801711118050, +8801938658335.
I have joined as an Advocate in lower judiciary on 12.10.195. I have started my initial practice in Dhaka. Thereafter I have joined in Jessore District Bar Association, Jessore. After long 9 (nine) years I have joined in the High Court Division of Supreme Court in Bangladesh on 17th April, 2004. At present I am continuing my legal practice before Bangladesh Supreme Court and in the meanwhile I have obtained efficiency in Writ Petitions, Civil Litigation, Company matter, Admiralty Suits, Family, Criminal, Taxation, Services, Public Interest Litigation and election matters.
Ex-Law Consultant:
M/S. Devine Textile Mills Ltd, Dhaka
March 2005 – January 2009 (3 years 11 months)
To give consultancy for recovery of all payments were due in abroad.
Ex-Legal Advisor:
Cantonment Board , Jessore
January 1999 – December 2000 (2 years)
To give advice or opinion regarding any dispute arisen before the Cantonment Board, Jessore
Independent Course work
Human Righgts Training arranged by Bangladesh Bar Council,
Intensive Trial Advocacy Jointly arranged by Australin Bar Association and Bangladesh Bar Council
Refugeee Law Training jointly arranged by Bangladesh Bar Council & U N H C R
Labor Law Training jointly arranged by Bangladesh Bar Council & I L O
Panel Lawyer in other Islaimi Banks: Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., Social Islami Bank Ltd.
Team members

Masud Rana Mohammad Hafiz
Hafiz & Associates (Independent Contractor and Agency Contractor) at o'Desk

Name of Associate: Kazi Rezaul Hossain, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Other field of Experiences

Legal Research
Civil Litigation
Legal Writing
Commercial Litigation
Corporate Law
Microsoft Office
Intellectual Property
Legal Advice
Contract Negotiation
Employment Law
SSC in First Division from Satbaria High School, Chandanaish, Chittagong & HSC in First Division from Dhaka College, Dhaka
LL.B (hons) with LL.M from the University of Dhaka, Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Laws,
Study period from SSC to Masters Degree: 1985 – 1994
Activities and Societies: Convener: Bangladesh Ainjibi Oikko Parishod, Dhaka.
A lawyer’s organizations consisting of independent lawyers who never bother any politics, but patriot and idealistic.
Discussion on legal Issues and present socio political crises in the world.
Personal Details:
Birthday September 27, 1972
Marital Status :Married
Advice from Contacting Masud Rana Mohammad Hafiz:
I am inviting all people in world who feel any help is required from me which may cover through my abilit, I shall try my best for all of you. But payment should be ensured for me in delicate manner.
Social Networking:
LinkedIn ID: Masud Rana Mohammad Hafiz
Face book ID: Masudrana Mohammad Hafiz
Yahoo ID: masud.ranahafiz
Google ID: masudranamohammadhafiz
Skype ID: masudranamohammadhafiz
Twitter ID: Masud Rana Moham
My Space: Masud Rana Mohammad, website:
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