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My name is Shawn and I am the mother of two amazing... and thankfully... grown children; Jeff 26 and Hayley, 19.
I am a full time dental hygienist in a multi dentist practice in Venice Florida. I love my family, friends, patients and profession. I tend to be very passionate of any endeavor I determine to undertake.
Upon graduating with my Associate of Science degree in dental hygiene I became involved with my professional association and served for two years as the Recording Secretary and then another two year term as President.
I am currently taking courses to satisfy AA requirements, to complete the Bachelorette program from St. Pete college that I completed one year ago. My goal is to earn my Bachelorette degree in dental hygiene with emphasis in business and education.
I have many varied interests that include travel, theatre, music, museums and all areas of art and culture. I enjoy spending time outdoors in the beautiful Sarasota area swimming, biking, running, kayaking and relaxing on a sandy beach or the outside deck . Fitness is also an integral part of my life which includes boxing and power yoga. I also like to discover different cooking styles, cuisine and fine wines.
On an intellectual level, I strive to challenge my knowledge and understanding in many areas.
I also find keeping abreast of the latest science regarding the care of my patients is invigorating.
Above everything, I awake every day Grateful for the gifts that I have been given. The love of my family; friends, good health, amazing co workers, peers and patients... and I could keep going.
I am, you see, a forever Optimist, with every intention of staying this way.
My interest in vimeo thus far has been related to a college course in speech communication. I say "thus far"... because who knows where this might take me. I am already thinking of ways this site could help document my next adventure! ... stay tuned....


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