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Based in New York City, Greatest Entertainment was founded by CEO Waz Joseph in 2002 as the new era in music who's goal is to conquer every genre of music. Greatest Entertainment brings a young new style to the business industry. We are currently catering to all types of established talent and building a remarkable empire that is rapidly growing and capitalized for all types of music. We are aware and knowledgeable of every type of marketing tool. Greatest Entertainment have assembled a strong team.Greatest Entertainment are in close relationships and affiliate with many Production Companies, Promotion Companies, Booking Agencies, Club Owners, A&R's, Executives of Major Labels, Public Relations Personnel, Website Designers, Fashion Designers, Clothing Lines, Photographers, Franchises, Magazines, Directors, TV Media Companies, Ringtone Companies, Management Companies, Major Labels, Indie Labels, Emerging signed Artist's, Producers, Song Writers, DJ's and Models. Greatest Entertainment has quickly grown to become one of New York City's biggest and powerful Independent Companies outside of music pursuing there goals in every type of business market. Greatest Entertainment also have also started there own production company named Greatest Productions. Greatest Entertainment are planning to publicly announce all there artist's projects real soon. Outside of music Greatest Entertainment are considering in starting a clothing line and are currently working with some of the best fashion designers in the world to release and design there line of clothing. Greatest Entertainment are also working there own Artist Development Firm and are operating a distribution company that include Mixtapes, Albums, Production, record pooling, and internet releases, which will give Artist's the chance to be build into a successful music professional, this Firm/Distribution Company also give's the Arist the opportunity to interact with some of best music industry professionals. Greatest Entertainment currently are also looking for models to be part of there modeling agency XQusite Models Powered by Greatest Entertainment. Greatest Entertainment have started a promotional company that currently exist in New York and are throwing events weekly in the tri-state area, for more information email:
Greatest Entertainment are determine to make there marks in the business world and striving to be on top. Greatest Entertainment are well structured company who plan out all there goals and ideas for the future. Greatest Entertainment are more then willing to do business with anyone who'd focus and serious about being successful. Greatest Entertainment is the true definition of building a company from nothing to something and are continuing there success until the whole world understands what there capable of as an empire. Greatest Entertainment also have two more definition that really separate's them from all the other record labels, Greatest Entertainment also stands for Talent Working Hard To Get Recognition And Exposure. We are motivated to be around people who think big and outside the box. If you have any questions or are interested in joining our company please send any of your concerns and information to You can also stop by our page and stay updated with any new information Greatest Entertainment has released, the link is Greatest Entertainment is about to launched our online entertainment site includes all of our latest videos,mixtapes,Xqusite Model,Gfilms,TalentAlert,Gshop,GMusic and more.. We're currently looking for Producers, Artist's, Promotion companies, A&R's, Executives, Major Labels and Models to work with, so if you think your capable of working with us please make sure to send us all your information. Greatest Entertainment are truly believers in " Never fear living your truth and your dreams "

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