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Margie has a passion to make an impact and difference within community outreach, regardless of one's adversity. Margie graduated from high school a year and a half early with the determination to become a Director of Service Excellence within a hospital. Margie began her children's careers in the entertainment business. Talent Manager for her three sons, assisted many children and adults to get started and mentored within the music and entertainment industry. Combined ten years in the entertainment business, she executive produced her son's boy group "The Garcia 3" single "All around the World", available on iTunes. Margie founded and published Kids Entertainment and G Entertainment Magazine "Give Back, Pay It Forward"; highlighting Educators, Students, Entertainment news and granting public school and non - profit wish lists; from revenue generated by advertisers.

As, of February 2013 Margie is proud to announce, she is the delegate for United Nations in association with San Diego to end all forms of Discrimination and Violence against Women & Girls ( Margie's on-going project is her son's National Bullying, Not Cool Tour (, clothing line, gospel album, book, and extensive merchandising. Margie's book release is scheduled for print by winter 2013.

Although, Margie has accomplished and succeeded in various business ventures, She has yet to feel satisfied and successful, until she can make a difference within particular epidemics in our communities. Margie has announced that she will utilize her Hollywood relationships, Network marketing contacts, and Sponsorships to organize a National Empowerment Tour throughout the globe. Margie shares with everyone to persevere have faith, hope, and belief. Overseeing four companies and consistent within philanthropy. Margie instills and leads by example, empowering and encouraging the will to "Make It Happen". Margie's current agenda is to outreach in the following areas within government agencies, communities, and public education.

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