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TTN-HDs Production Live Online was created in March of 2009 by producer Mark Allen Wood who was a expert in the podcasting field. Production Live covered its first film related event in April 2009 with it being the Boston International Film Festival. In May of 2009 Jon Rizzo joined the partnership and helped us cover more and more events including Boston Film Night, The North End Film Festival, Improve Boston, Belladonna Fashions ect. Today the show that started as just a team of 2 has grown to be a production based company with more than 20 participants annually. TTN-HD is going to continue to expand throughout 2010 & 2011 and are expanding across the globe with new partner Katie Ulhmann from Toronto covering events locally up there. So you never know where TTN-HD is going to be now with over 140,000 video views to date and over 400 videos produced. So be sure to get TTN-HD to cover your next big event and we welcome you to the future of media.

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