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(Graphic Designer and Social Networking Producer) - Estela (aka. “The Mambo Queen,” aka “MBQ”) has a long background in music promotion and the recording industry beginning from her earliest days with her father who was a music conductor from Cuba. Her years with RMM Records working with Ralph Mercado saw her doing projects with artists such as Mark Anthony, Tito Nieves, Jose Albero, El Canario and Celia Cruz as well as working in the booking division alongside Juan Toro and DJ Johnny Falcones ( aka “Baby Drac”). Estela keeps her fingers on the pulse of current dance music trends and is very active in U.S. club promotions and the special events scene. She prides herself on audience outreach and promoting her current projects through utilizing new and social media to the fullest extent in today’s new media landscape. She joined forces with Felipe Rose in the summer of 2012 on One Voice South Africa Radio which later became One Voice Radio. Most recently she was flown to Las Vegas as Pit Bull’s special guest for his concert. Estela was born in Baranquilla, Colombia and grew up in Union City, NJ. And now im presently the Promoter for the Queens, Our City Radio

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