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Given and dropped. Fingerskating on frosty windows, you draw a picture through which you see what's in there. You have just the number of limbs you need to do the things you do. You know about as much as you're prepared to know right now. The things you can't name are always going to outnumber the things you can. The things you can number, well, you're probably wrong about. It's ok, though. Words are just sounds that people made up. But they're still one of our better ideas. (Aside): I live in a complex where the apartments are numbered in no discernable order. If you're not going to place them in order, why use numbers? Why not just use shapes or animals or colors? Onward: A pocketknife is a tremendously useful accoutrement. If you don't have one, you're practically missing a finger. Get a pen, too. Those are handy. Doesn't electricity freak you out a little? Just the fact of it? Almost magic. What's the difference?

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