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This is the community of people who support the reduction of plastic pollution in our world. Join us!

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  1. The only way it would NOT create an environmental gain is if everyone just switches to paper, which have their own environmental drawbacks. If people switch to REUSABLE BAGS it is a win across the board for the environment and the economy. We aren't…
  2. My name is Jordan Parker, by the way, and you can find out more about what our campaign is doing here: I look forward to meeting you!
  3. (cont.) I completely agree with you that "banning" is not a good approach to create change that resonates with consumers. Therefore, I rebranded our campaign several months ago from "Ban the Bag" - a negative, punitive message - to "Bring Your Bag…
  4. Hi Peter, I'm the campaign director for Bring Your Bag Chicago, a campaign to reduce the amount of disposable plastic bag pollution here in Chicago I was invited to be a guest researcher on the Niagara for the…