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Pendleton is a family-owned, 5th generation American company with a healthy respect for the past and an innovative approach to the future. We've been involved in the woolen industry since 1863, and our Pacific Northwest woolen mills have been in continuous operation since 1909. We take pride in our products, our people and our brand.

We keep our eye on the wool from sheep to chic. We spin, dye and weave wool into world-class fabrics. Our products are both iconic and innovative. From Native American blankets to sophisticated suits for women, the quality and exclusive design of the woolens we weave are renowned. We have also parlayed our wool expertise into other luxury fabrics such as silk and suede. Our apparel, blankets and home products are offered through Pendleton catalogs and our website. You will also find our products in more than 50 Pendleton retail stores nationwide as well as selected, upscale department stores, specialty stores and museums throughout the country.