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Houston, TX.

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Songwriter. Video hack. Overclocker of computers. Builder of network storage facilities. Player of Dungeons and Dragons. Skater of ditches. Surfer of sick ass vert beach breaks. Self abuser. Drinker. Trail runner. Grado headphone listener. Fan of tube headphone amplifiers and DACs. Spender of too much money on tube headphone amplifiers and DACs. Whore. Slut. Generally debauched but with a sure and firm grip on basic morality. And did I say video hack? Hater of professionals. Lover of low-fi and dirt. Esteemed. Stained. Decorated.

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  1. Hell yeah...
  2. @2:09 mins. The raddest cross step ever. (sigh) ... (I'm not sure, but I think I'm in love) .. ;-) ...
  3. Hot diggity! You girls shred. Pretty much the sexiest thing I've seen all day. Adopt me!