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Ivan was born in Mexico City in December 1982, but his life as a visual storyteller did not start until he moved to Kansas City in the year 2000, where he discovered the beauty of still photography. Ever since, he has been inspired by the famous phrase “An image tells more than a thousand words”.

Looking to improve his skills as a cinematographer, he enrolled in Vancouver Film School where he got a degree on Film Production.

Ivan has worked as a cinematographer on several advertising campaigns, music videos and short films. He has worked as a freelance cinematographer for clients such as EMI MUSIC, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, COLGATE, TELMEX, LUXOTTICA, MOTOROLA, NEC, HTC and TEQUILA SAUZA.

His work in the movie “CARRETERA DEL NORTE” (IMCINE 2008) was awarded with the “Pantalla de Cristal 2008 Prize” for best cinematography in a short film. He was awarded with the same prize in 2011 for his work on the music video "ORDINARY BOY" by Madame Recamier.

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