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Our Beyond Fair Trade Beliefs

Good coffee begins with good ethics. We are working closely with the Kustom people of Tanna Island where the living standards can be improved. Naturally, we have a responsibility. This is why we have developed our own beyond FairTrade Model.
The purpose of our Beyond FairTrade Model is to ensure we get the best possible quality and that the farmers of Tanna Island in Vanuatu are rewarded for the extra work they put into producing this quality. It’s really quite simple: Better quality of life leads to better quality of coffee.

We have have this type of model because there are no alternatives that ensure the best coffee quality and social responsibility at the same time.

Our Beyond Fair Trade Model consists of four elements:
We pay a quality premium directly to the Co-Op of theTanna Island farmers in Vanuatu always at least 25 % over the Fair Trade price.
We visit the farmer every year and seek long-term collaboration with these farmers with the purpose of developing our common product to the best possible quality.
We are creating a platform for the farmers of Tanna Island to meet our wholesale roasters from all over Australia so both parties can learn more about each other’s approach to coffee and quality. Therefore making our goals reach the understanding of all involved.

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