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In a nutshell, his career in Information Technology spans over 40 years, nearly all of that working in various Australian Government departments and agencies. For the last 15 years of that time, he's had a keen interest in developing intranet sites and this naturally evolved into the Internet space. His experience covered most activities in the IT field: systems analysis and design, programming, testing, project management, customer relationship management, knowledge management—you name it and he's probably had something to do with it (or he managed teams of people who had the subject-matter skills). It was only in the last couple of years when, by chance, he was introduced to Joomla that he's more easily realised many of his web-based ambitions.

He retired from the workforce in January 2007 and, if he thought he was busy when he was working, he's been busier now than ever—mostly he's busy having a great time!

Michael is a moderator on the Kunena forum at kunena.org