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Thiago Duar is a musician, dj and a music producer.

Since 2005, Thiago scored several soundtracks for theater, film and television, including "Fruits of Brazil" (2005) by journalist Neide Duarte, for the NGO Aracati, "O idiota no pais dos absurdos" (2008) alongside Morris Piccioto , text by Bernard Shaw, "Betty", a short-film selected for the 33 International Film Festival from Sao Paulo. In the year of 2008- 2009, Thiago worked at AD STUDIO, for clients such as MAM, GM, Lucky Strike, Senac, TIM Festival, Itau, Anhembi-Morumbi and Speedo.
As a musician and producer, Thiago has worked with several musical projects such as : Baque in Beat, a project that blends world music with dub; ARARUNA, a quartet that walks through rock, jazz, afrobeat, samba, trip hop and electronics; the Dom Bauru Jazz Quartet, group of the baritone saxophonist Dom Bauru; Claudya, a famous singer from the 70's; BUGLEG, a journey into Hip Hop beats and dancefloor jazz; and the ASIMOV SOUNDSYSTEM.

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